Online Member System Will Migrate.

We plan to replace the current Online Member system with a new system. Also, this Online Member site will be closed on March 28, 2019 (Thursday, 2:00 AM UTC). Prior to the site closing, we suspend the use of new user registration, new product registration, and editing functions for registration information from March 6, 2019 (Wednesday, 2:00 AM UTC).

From around the end of March, the new system will be available on the product site. When details are confirmed, we will post them on the product site.

The information currently registered in Online Member will be transferred to the new system. To use the new system with your current Online Member account, it is necessary to have logged in once using your current mail address and password on the product site within 6 months after the new system begins.

If you do not log in to the new system during the period outlined above, we delete your data appropriately 6 months after the new system begins.

Song books for certain Yamaha keyboards are now freely available.

Online documents or song books which previously required a product registration (with product ID) on Yamaha Online Member are now freely available.
You can find these downloads on relevant product pages on the Yamaha website for your country.

Customers from Europe, please note:

This service will no longer be available for our European customers. European users have been be transferred to our Yamaha Music Member Europe platform (YMME) found at

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